Here is some information and answer to some FAQ’s I receive for Local and International Wedding Enquiries. Enjoy!

How will I receive my Wedding Photos after the wedding?

You will receive the photos through a High Resolution online Gallery - it is highly acclaimed and hosts 200,000 photographers worldwide.
I use it for all my clients Australian, and abroad :)

Do you re-touch/edit the photos we are given? How many?

Yes the photos will be tastefully retouched/edited (Similar to what you see on my website and Instagram).

You will receive on average 100 images per hour of photography (as per my price list).

When will we receive our photos?

I have a 6 week turn-around :)

We are from another country and currency, how do we make a secure payment?

Even though it is an international wedding, I will still need to be paid in Australian dollars. Usually I require a deposit to be paid before I put your wedding date in my calendar. Once paid, that date is yours :) The remaining balance will be due 1 week before your wedding date.

What is the plan if you for some reason cannot make it to the wedding?

On the unfortunate circumstance that I couldn't be there due to sickness or injury, I would take the responsibly to send a photographer that I trust, whose style is similar, and I am confident in to capture your day. I set these back ups before the day as a safeguard.